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What is Natural Face Lifting?

A natural, holistic way to achieve resilient, healthy-looking skin that’s lifted, nourished and balanced.

What is a Natural Face Lift?

A Natural Face Lift (also known as Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Lift Facial Massage) is an effective natural, anti-ageing treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. It combines a blend of techniques drawn from Japanese Face Massage, Indian Head/Face Massage, Acupressure and Facial Reflexology to lift the skin naturally.

At the pace we live our lives, we all have tension that builds up in our scalp, face, neck and shoulder muscles. This can encourage ageing as the face loses its muscle tone and elasticity and begins to sag. Many of us would love to release these tension hot spots, reduce wrinkles and take much needed time out for ourselves.

Wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage all become more visible as we age and skin loses some of its tone, plumpness and elasticity. The techniques of the Natural Face Lift Massage have been developed to tackle visible lines and wrinkles by supporting the underlying facial muscles and structure of the skin. This helps bring elasticity and sheen back to the skin. The connective tissue, formed from fibre proteins such as collagen and elastin, will start to ease giving your skin more suppleness and flexibility. Restrictions are released and circulation stimulated so the tissues can regain their freedom and elasticity, leaving you and your skin looking and feeling relaxed, glowing and rejuvenated.

What are the benefits?

Natural Face Lift therapy is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a brighter and more uplifted appearance. Using a specific combination of massage techniques, the treatment provides an enhanced sense of tranquillity, peace, and relaxation which can help with symptoms such as anxiety, stress, tiredness, tinnitus and sinus problems.

There is a cumulative effect with natural face lift treatments, so a programme of 6-8 treatments over the same number of weeks will yield the best results. One individual treatment will result in an instantly fresher skin tone with new vitality and a brighter complexion, but after a course of treatments you will see:

  • Eye contours become smoother.

  • Skin will look firmer and more elastic as skin and underlying muscles are toned and tightened.

  • Hanging skin is lifted.

  • Blood flow to the skin and muscles is improved.

  • Cellular oxygen supply is enhanced and cell activity stimulated.

  • Facial contours become firmer.

  • Expression lines and wrinkles are reduced.

  • Accumulation of lymphatic fluid will disappear (especially around the eyes). Improved lymphatic circulation increases the supply of nutrients to the cells as well as reducing puffiness.

  • Mental and physical relaxation is enhanced.

  • Stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain are relieved.

How does it work?

The natural face lift massage uses a combination of slide and lift movements (to lift and tone the muscles) together with pinching, sweeping and smoothing techniques (to iron out wrinkles). These techniques loosen clamped muscles giving a softer appearance, achieving more defined cheekbones and jawline.

Stimulation of energy points releases blockages for a fresher and more relaxed look.

These techniques are combined with the use of products and ingredients carefully selected to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, aid detoxification, nourish, plump and hydrate your skin.

What should a Natural Face Lift treatment involve?

This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial tissues with highly refined, gentle hand and finger manipulation. These techniques will release stresses and traumas locked into the muscles and energy of the face, head and neck. Each treatment will incorporate these massage techniques into a traditional facial process:

  • Detox – A deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation will prepare the skin and relax facial muscles to begin the process of eliminating toxins, improving blood flow and boosting lymph circulation.

  • Energy Balance – Pressure points are stimulated to invigorate the face.

  • Smoothing – Massage techniques and Gua Sha tools are used to relieve muscular tension and smooth the skin.

  • Lifting – Kobido massage will stimulate and invigorate the facial muscles to help with regeneration and replenishment of nutrients in the facial tissues.

  • Sculpting – Deeper massage will tighten, tone and de-stress the skin to contour the face and bring total relaxation.

  • Mask – a lifting and brightening mask is applied to cool and calm the skin, leaving you with a firmer, radiant complexion.

  • Finishing products – An age-defying firming cream concentrate and rejuvenating eye serum are applied to leave skin hydrated, soothed and protected.


 Jo P, Christchurch

A real top to toe treatment with Roz taking time to make sure I was comfortable throughout and the pressure was perfect

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