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Tips for getting the most out of your Spray Tan

It’s now easier than ever to get a natural looking tan, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

Spray tans are a great way to achieve a gorgeous, golden glow quickly and safely. Gone are the days of fake looking ‘orange’ finishes. A natural looking self tan doesn’t just make you look good on the outside, it will make your inner confidence glow too. But preparation, application and maintenance are key for great results which last.

1. Choose your brand carefully

There are many brands of spray tan available but some are better than others. We chose the award winning Sienna X range because we believe you can’t get a healthier, more natural spray tan. Sienna X solutions are paraben free, not tested on animals, beautifully fragranced, offer a range of solutions to customise your look, and contain vitamins A & E, aloe vera, organic avocado and erythrulose.

“One of the most natural tans we’ve ever seen” – Marie Claire

As the leading professional tanning brand – winning the Beauty Guild Awards 10 years in a row – Sienna X have worked with a wide range of celebrities, bloggers, film and TV shows including Skyfall and Strictly Come Dancing. They have applied this same quality and expertise to the retail market, raising the bar for what you, the consumer, should expect from self tanning.

“For a sunkissed glow use Sienna X” – Hello!

2. Choose a technician you can trust

We hear far too many horror stories of spray tans gone wrong because the spray tan technician is untrained or inadequately trained. Don’t assume that everybody who offers a spray tan service has undergone training. Anybody can buy the equipment and solutions and set up a spray tanning business without regulation.

Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist what training/qualifications they have obtained. They should display a Certificate of training and they should also have current liability insurance. Don’t risk a patchy or miscoloured spray tan just because you weren’t confident to ask about the therapist’s qualifications and experience. Any professional spray tan technician will have no problem giving you the reassurance you are looking for.

When you arrive for your appointment your therapist should go thorough a consultation form with you prior to the treatment. You should be asked about your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications preventing you from having a spray tan (eg. asthma, recent waxing, severe eczema or psoriasis or open wounds). Your therapist should also discuss with you what finish you are looking for and will advise you on what strength of solution is suitable for your natural skin tone.

3. Prepare your skin properly

If you prepare your skin well for a spray tan, you’ll get great results and your spray tan will last longer.

  • Exfoliate the night before your spray tan, paying particular attention to knees, elbows, hands and feet.

  • Paint nails on fingers and toes to prevent discolouration.

  • Avoid waxing or shaving within the 48 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. If you don’t give your skin time for the pores to close you risk dotting.

  • Do not moisturise or apply any skin lotions or perfume on the day of your appointment. Try to avoid deodorant if at all possible.

4. What you need to know about your appointment

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and flip flops/loose fitting shoes to your appointment. Tight clothing will cause the tan to rub off during the development time. The tan will wash out of most clothing but may stain lighter coloured items, especially nylon.

  • Remove jewellery prior to the spray tan.

  • Your spray tan therapist should provide you with disposable pants, a hair cap and adhesive feet pads.

  • Your spray tan therapist should apply a barrier cream to your hands, knuckles, nails, elbows, knees, heels and other dry areas of skin in preparation for the treatment.

5. Aftercare

  • The colour you see immediately after your spray tan treatment is only a guide colour. The tan itself will develop over the next few hours.

  • Your therapist will explain to you how long you should leave before showering to wash the spray tan guide colour away to reveal a lovely, golden tan.

  • During the development time, your skin must stay dry so avoid contact with water and avoid exercise which might cause you to sweat until it’s time to wash the guide colour away.

  • Refrain from eyelash or eyebrow tinting for 48 hours after your spray tan as it may react with the DHA in the spray tan solution.

6. How to keep your tan looking good

  • Pat yourself dry after showering or swimming rather than rubbing your skin with a towel.

  • Avoid products containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which can strip your colour away. This is common in bath, shower and hair products so check the labels.

  • Moisturise your skin twice daily, but don’t use an oil-based moisturiser as the oils will strip the tan.

  • Be aware that the more you shower or swim, the quicker the tan will fade.

  • Don’t forget to wear SPF protection if you’re exposed to the sun. Your skin needs the same level of protection after a spray tan as it did before.

Sienna X offer an excellent range of pre and post tanning products to help you get and keep the best tan possible.

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 Jo P, Christchurch

A real top to toe treatment with Roz taking time to make sure I was comfortable throughout and the pressure was perfect

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